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ADR stands for Advanced Digital Research.

The company Advanced Digital Research AG (ADR AG) is a German manufacturer of high-quality and reliable industrial robots based in Wiesloch. From packaging and labelling solutions to complete printing systems, ADR AG offers a wide range of manual and automatic machines that can be adapted to different needs. The product portfolio includes media copying systems, label printers and labellers, packaging machines and much more.

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ADR customers include large companies from a wide range of industries. Automobile manufacturers such as Daimler, Porsche, VW or MAN trust ADR AG as well as technology companies – for example Siemens, AEG, Adobe, EADS / Airbus, Amazon, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP or Bosch.

Also companies from the financial sector such as Ernst & Young, Deutsche Bank or the Aachener und Münchner Versicherungen rely on ADR AG products. Also media companies such as Universal Studios, The Bell Telephone Company / AT&T, T-Systems or even illustrious names like Rosenthal AG or Yves Saint Laurent and many more.

The customer base ranges from one-man businesses such as small manufacturers to many of the current top Fortune 500 companies.

Numerous universities, education and research companies as well as the public sector are also customers of ADR AG. These include Cambridge University UK, University of Heidelberg, University of Munich etc. – just to name a few.

ADR AG has been based in Wiesloch (Frauenweiler district of the Sandpfad industrial estate) near Heidelberg since 2003. The current company headquarters employs around 40 people. They come from 9 different nations. The proportion of women is about 20 percent. The proportion of disabled people is 5 percent. The company has been an IHK training company since 2005 and currently trains four apprentices. These include IT specialists, mechatronic engineers and industrial clerks.

In July 2019, a new production facility was opened not far from the company headquarters in Wieslochs. The new production hall of the Packaging Machinery Division comprises 40 m² office space and 270 m² production and storage area.

business areas, products and services

In addition to copying systems for data carriers such as CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc, ADR AG successfully produces and sells copying devices for digital storage media of various types, including USB sticks, flash memory, hard drives and much more. In different versions, for example as a copy station or copy tower, ADR customers can choose from a wide range of solutions adapted to their needs.

The ADR business area copiers includes the product areas CD/DVD/BD products: CD robots or CD copiers, DVD copiers, Blu-ray copiers – as well as USB/SD/CF/HDD/SSD products: Hard disk copiers, USB stick copiers, flash card copiers, SD card copiers and CF card copiers.

ADR is the market leader in the field of flash card and hard disk copiers as well as the leading manufacturer in the field of hard disk destroyers and degaussers.

In the ADR business unit JMV Packaging everything revolves around packaging, cellophaning and labelling. Under the JMV brand, ADR produces and sells manual and automatic packaging machines and cellophane wrappers as well as labelling technology, labelling machines and labelling systems.

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