High-quality blanks

For the smooth operation of your CD/DVD duplicator, we offer a wide range of first-class quality blanks . All media have been extensively tested by ADR on our CD robots.

With the big selection of blanks there are huge differences in quality . This is shown particularly well in the industrial processing with robotic systems, since it is directly striking how much a particular medium produce.

All media, which are listed here, are characterized by high compatibility and longevity. In addition, the printable surfaces offer optimal conditions to achieve a professional finish.

ADR Range CD/DVD blanks

CD blanks mady by ADR.

Cost-effective house brand with a optimal price-service-ratio.

By now just only CD blanks and DVD blanks under the branding available.

Sony CD/DVD/Blu-Ray blanks

Sony blanks are characterized by the high quality management . In fact, every single blank is subjected of a quality inspection.

By producing in Austria there is guaranteed a consistent quality and a high availability of the blanks.

Taiyo Yuden CD , DVD , BD blanks:

The leader in terms of innovation and quality. As one of the patent holder, Taiyo Yuden still keeps a leading position in the range of media like no other.

Who trusts once Taiyo Yuden blanks, would reluctantly use other media.

RITEK CD, DVD , Blu-Ray blanks:

One of the largest Taiwanese producers. According to the company, even the number 1 worldwide.

RITEK CD blanks, DVD blanks and Blu-Ray media offers the best price-performance ratio.

The high production numbers are reflected in cheap prices. RITEK prices are still hard to beat.

Printable CD blanks and DVD blanks can be found in our online shop. Big quantities, please requests for best offers.

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Use only certified media and consumables for the fully automatic CD/DVD robots. By using cheaper no-name products, the lifetime of the drives can dramatically decrease. It may can happen that the paint film of the printable blanks peels off and destroy the device.