The pure burning and printing optical media is not everything what you can do with an ADR CD/DVD burning robots.

Whether you want to print individualized customer or patient data from your content management system on optical media or to file and analyze large quantities of CD / DVDs. With the ADR publishing systems is this not a Problem.

Also in the backup area, we have the right solution for you. Automate your backup process in your network and create your security backups on optical media.

According to your template file we adjust our systems to get the perfect result for you. Make an end to the tedious creating discs manually.
Contact us and we are pleased to present our know-how.

Create individual data carriers such as CD and DVD with dynamic content and imprints thanks to Open RC.

OpenRC ( Open Robot Control ) is a control software developed by the company X -Net Technologies GmbH for ADR CD/DVD robot systems.
OpenRC supports four different modes ( burning, verifying , printing, positioning and reading in of CD / DVD media ) which can be combined in almost any manner.

Exemplary applications:

• CD production with individual imprint and dynamic data,
• Pinpoint subsequent imprinting in pre-printed media,
• Fast copying series of several hundred media,
• Form of media for later burning process,
• Reading in and processing of existing media
e.g. Archiving in predefined formats and databases

Read more about OpenRC HERE

Burn2ADR tool was developed together with Seal Systems to simplify the repeated processes. While the basic layout remains the same, the individual employee can only select data in the network and enter text for some predefined fields.

The job will send to the ADR burning station and will be processed automatically.

Read more about Burn2ADR HERE

The different applications of CD/DVD burning robots extend from aerospace to insurance up till industrial manufacturing processes.

We are always ready to explain the optimal use of ADR CD/DVD copy robots in your company in a personal conversation.

We would like to name a few areas in which our CD/DVD copy robots are used:

Billing systems
After-sales support
Audio ripping
Accounting systems ( DATEV )
Event management
Photo labs
Networking applications
Marketing (e.g. disc mailings )
Music / Data -On-Demand
Public relations / government work
Pharmaceutical companies
Software distribution
ERP connection ( for example, SAP )
Video Archive ( incl . Ripping )
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