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ADR Autoprinter for TEAC P55, CD DVD-Autoloader

ADR Autoprinter for TEAC P55, CD DVD-Autoloader

about the ADR PrintPro CD/DVD-Autoprinter:

The ADR Printo CD/DVD autoprinter is simply the best solution for high-volume on-demand CD/DVD print runs thanks to its 250 disc bin (upgradable to up to 600 discs). With its patented industrial robotics the ADR PrintPro operates especially reliably.

Furthermore, the PrintPro autoprinter is retroactively upgradable to a full CD/DVD publishing system of the modular ADR Hurricane or Cyclone series, an integration of automatic burning and printing of disc media set to penetrate and dominate markets all over the world.

In accord with ADR’s company philosophy you can of course always exchange printer models or technologies at a later time, meaning your investment is protected and you remain flexible for the future.

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Product Description


This automatic CD/DVD printing system must be connected to a PC which sends print data to the device.
This device consists of an automatic printing machine without disc writers.

Aside from the included disk label editors CDID and CD Painter the device can also be fed with .prn files which can be created with every graphics software. This allows you to skip label editors. Without unloading and refilling this system can print up to 250 (or 600)discs.

This satisfies any CD/DVD printing needs as efficiently as possible with minimal effort.

Minimal servicing needs – barely any maintenance required.

Technical specifications

  • PC-controlled print robotics
  • 250 disc bin
  • Fully upgradable to up to 10 burners!!!
  • Robust build makes for extended lifespan.
  • Incl. ADR PrintPro and LabelSoftware.
  • Supports most current CD/DVD printers
    (Signature Drucker III, IV, Pro, Z6, Flashjet, Optiprinter,
    Optiprinter Pro, Excellent Pro, TEAC P55, Inscripta, Power Pro I-III)
  • Patented industrial robotics by ADR
  • Disc bin supports 8 cm CD/DVDs (optional)
  • Disc bin supports business card format (optional)
  • All current printable disc media are supported