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CD/DVD/BD duplicator ADR BlackJack

CD/DVD/BD duplicator ADR BlackJack

about the ADR BlackJack CD/DVD/CD duplicator:

Building on the success of the NEXIS Publisher, we present you the new BlackJack CD/DVD/BD duplicator and printer as entry level device of the NEXIS series. Its favourable pricing and compact design make the BlackJack BD Publisher attractive for both industrial users and private customers.

Equipped with a CD/DVD writer, improved print engine and real  6 colour print results, the BlackJack outshines its competitors in this price segment. The specially developed and included Discworks software provides a professional and intuitive production interface, capable of handling all your disc copy and print needs. Contrary to other networkable copy and print software that only grants network rights to a purchased number of users, Discworks allows unlimited network usage.


Product Description

Print Quality and 6 Colour Print System

The BlackJack’s print engine is the first in the media publisher sector to employ the 6 colour print system. The improved print engine achieves pristine print results and unprecedented sharpeness and colour fastness. For best print results we recommend the colour cartridge CO5 combined with the photo cartridge PC1. For prints with a high amount of black, the CO5 cartridge combined with the BK1 black cartridge is recommended in order to save print costs.


The BlackJack is suited for both novice users as well as commercially oriented professionals in music, video and software distribution as well as time-critical applications such as data distribution, processing of digital images and service contractors.


In tests the BlackJack has written up to 50 discs per hour which is faster than all its competitors. The secret is that the disc transport mechanism operates indepedently from the print system which allows the device to transport discs while the printer is printing.  

Supported Media

The BlackJack BD Publishers supports all current 12 cm media formats of CDs, DVDs and BDs. In addition, other formats such as 8cm discs and business card CD-Rs are supported as well (with the use of an optionally available adapter.

Software Development Kit

Software developers and systems integrators can go to work on the respective complementary development kit, available for registered customers. Create your own software solutions for the BlackJack BD Publisher, taylored for your speficic needs.


  • 6 colour print engine for photo quality disc prints
  • 1 high-speed CD/DVD/BD writer
  • 4800 DPI print resolution
  • 1 USB port0)
  • Economical print costs
  • Special disc formats supported with adapters
  • High capacity ink cartridges
  • Intuitive software
  • 1 year warranty
  • 21 Disk Input Bin




Additional information


Pentium Prozessor mit 700 MHz oder höher


256MB RAM, 512 MB RAM empfohlen


7200 RPM Festplatte mit aktivierten DMA

Bitte beachten

Für DVD-R Systeme ist Windows 2000 oder XP mit NTFS Festplattenpartition VoraussetzungUSB 2.0 erforderlich