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CD / DVD Excelsior II Printer

CD / DVD Excelsior II Printer

about the Excelsior II CD / DVD Printer:

The Excelsior Autoloader is the flagship of the ADR PrintPro series. Equipped with 600 disc capacity and the patented ADR industrial robotics, this CD/DVD autoprinter operates with especially high reliability.
The integrated Excelsior CD printer uses single ink cartridges, optimizing your production costs. These days in which the prices of ink and gold aren’t all too different, the Excelsior printer’s operating costs are up to 90% cheaper than comparable inkjet printers on the market. Its per disc print cost of about 2 cents is especially attractive for production companies and service providers which have to meet top quality requirements with minimal production costs.
In line with ADR’s  company philosophy, the printer can be exchanged later for a newer model or different printing method.
That way your investment is protected and you remain flexible for the future.
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Product Description


This bare CD/DVD autoprinter requires a PC to feed it print data.
Aside from label editor softwares such as CDID or CD Painter the ADR PrintPro Excelsior II can also process .prn files directly which can be created with almost any graphics or image software, the skipping the label editor process.
The system can print up to 600 discs without reloading, meaning top efficiency with minimal effort.
Minimal service effort – no maintenance required.
Technical details 
  • PC-controlled print robotics
  • 600 disc bin
  • Excelsior II InkJet Printer included
  • Stable and robust build guarantee a long lifespan
  • ADR PrintPro and LabelSoftware included
  • Patented industrial robotics from ADR
  • Any printable media by established manufacturers can be used