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CD / DVD printer Excelsior PrintPro DUO

CD / DVD printer Excelsior PrintPro DUO

about the PrintPro DUO :

Combinate different printing methods for printing CDs on a small space with the new ADR PrintPro Duo Autoprinter. With it’s compact housing this productive device can fit into any office.

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Product Description

Choose between upscale InkJet Print and HighEnd Thermo-Retransfer Print without bothersome modifying. Harness the favourable InkJet Print when costs could turn out high and  apply up to 2 TEAC P55 Thermo-Retransferprinters when it comes to valuable productions for marketing purposes.
Fast and efficient
Conduct 2 same or 2 different printers in sync with an ADR Autoloader and consequently save space and money for your production.
Combine 2 different printing methods so you are always able to offer the right solution to your customers.
Low printing costs with Excelsior printer
Thanks to the single ink cartridges printing costs can be lowered drastically since you only have to replace the colors which are truly empty. Not a single drop of ink will be wasted.
By virtue of the increased capacity up to 1500 disks can be printed with an ADR robot without any oversight necessary.
Therefore the Excelsior printer is designed for the professional user to print a high amount of CDs/DVDs and keeping the costs low.
ADR Autoloader
The ADR PrintPro Duo is based upon the patented ADR Autoloaders which are being further developed reliably since over 14 years. Concerning reliability and durability there is no alternative to the ADR Autoprinters.
  • 1-2 CD/DVD Printer/s
  • 600 Disk Capacity
  • Assists different printers (Excellent Pro, Excelsior, TEAC P55 etc.)
  • InkJet printing costs from under 0,07 € / Disk (all-over color)
  • (when using the HP Excelsior Printer)
  • Photo print quality
  • Prints on all InkJet Disks (CD / DVD / BD)
  • ADR Autoloader Support
  • Software included (CD Painter / Batch Printer for Windows)
  • Reliable ink gauge (When using InkJetPrinter)
  • Error Reporting per E-Mail
  • Calling card Adapter available
  • 8cm CD/DVD Adapter available
  • Highspeed USB 2.0 Schnittstelle
  • 110/220 volt connection