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DVD-Box Case Overwrapper

DVD-Box Case Overwrapper

about the ADR4000DVD Case Overwrapper:

With a quality that you can expect from any machine that has been manufactured and produced in Germany, the ADR DVD packaging systems like the ADR4000 DVD Case Overwrapper will not fail to meet your expectations. Available for standard jewel cases (ADR4000CD), slim line jewel cases (ADR4000CD-sl) and also DVD cases (ADR4000DVD), these tabletop units are made for small or medium scale productions of discs and are a cost effective solution which provides professionally finished packaging for
short run work at a tenth of the cost of industrial equipment.
With the ADR4000 series of over-wrappers, operators who want to wrap small till medium amounts of CD/DVD cases can now achieve a quality which is equal to the standard of more expensive packaging systems.
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Product Description

Easy to use
The semi-automatic operation is simple and effective. A pre-cut sheet of polypropylene wrapping material is placed on the manual platform. Simply place a case on the pre-cut sheet and close the cover. This will tension the wrapping and make the first heat-seal. The case is then placed into the hopper for the second fold and seal operation, which is fully automatic. The sealing temparature can be set to the desired heat and an electronic security system stops the machine from operating when it is used incorrectly.
The result is a professionally folded and sealed CD/DVD case, suitable for even the best retail presentations and all this for only a fraction of the outsourcing costs.
Technical details
Power supply

110 V oder 220 V 100 VA

Size 480x250x570
Weight 24 kg
Run 500 Stk/h für den automatischen Vorgang
Wrapping material Slim boxes