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DVD / CD duplicator tower DUP-015

DVD / CD duplicator tower DUP-015

about DVD / CD Copystation DUP015:

ADR DUP-015 CD / DVD burning tower duplicate up to 15 CDs or DVDs within the shortest possible time!

Duplicate CDs and DVDs easily and quickly.

ADRs new DUP -15 CD / DVD burning tower copies up to 15 media at high speed . All current formats are supported ( CD -R, DVD -R, DVD + R, rewritable media and dual-layer DVDs ).


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Product Description

Einfach zu benutzen

Easy to use

Simply put a master disc in the top drive of the fuel tower and press AUTO COPY ! In a few minutes you will have fifteen perfect copies of your data, music or video. A built-in 320GB hard disk, you can store jobs for later use . Extensive Administrierfunktionen extend the functionality of DUP-015 as well as the menu guidance in German language and easy to update firmwares both the control software as well as the internal drives.

Wide range of applications

The ADR CD / DVD burning tower – in contrast to the traditional production systems, such as the Hurricane or Disc Publisher series – always called for when it comes to a high number of pieces in no time. Concerts , press events , concerts, church services and much more are just a few examples , where many copies are required in a short time . But even in the classic production saves the use of one or more towers significant burn time .

Optional printing manually or automatically

With the award-winning printing systems your copies maintain the professional appearance that is indistinguishable from a medium pressed hardly . Whether short runs in the thermal pressure with the Z1 or fully automatic printing with up to 100 discs per hour AutoPrinter the right solution.

Technical specifications:

Drives A CD / DVD ROM read-only drive, 15 CD / DVD burner
Drive speed CD-R up to 48x, DVD-R up to 16x, dual layer up to 6x
Hard disk 320 GB
System requirements No PC required
Power supply Dual power supply 110-120 60Hz or 220-240VAC 50Hz (selectable)
Dimensions 470 x 188 x 527mm
Weight 13,9 Kg
Approved UL, CE, FCC Class B
Warranty 1 year from date of purchase, warranty 2 years within the EU