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EntryLevel 2 DVD copy robot

EntryLevel 2 DVD copy robot

about the Entry Level 2 CD/ DVD copy robot :

Der ADR “Entry Level 2″ DVD robot is the best solution when it comes to reproduce small and medium CD / DVD editions in the house within a short time and to print with a professional label .

Entry Level ” ADR1252DVDPC controlled , fully automatic , CD / DVD robot with HP Excellent Pro CD / DVD label printer.


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Product Description

Operating the Hurricane DVD Duplicator

Whether as a single user, network or standalone device, never was creating CD/DVD/BDs from your network so easy.
If you combine the ADR Hurricane BD/DVD/CD Duplicator with the Power Pro you have a high-quality publishing system which generates the best possible results worldwide. You will be delighted with the photorealistic print results.

This CD copier in PC-controlled version is supplied via eSATA and USB on the data. The purchase price includes the standalone software PADUS DiscJuggler Pro. A network software is available for a surcharge.

By doing this you can control the CD/DVD/BD copy of any number of workstations from your network.

With the included Web interface, you can directly send burning jobs from any client PC to the device without having to install a  complicated software. Creating an image, add labels, select number of producing media. Ready!


  • Powered by award winning software PADUS DiscJuggler (single user or network version available) or optional POINT Publisher software. (Alternative solution under LINUX or MAC environment possible)
  • Networkable LAN / WAN with an unlimited number of clients and multiple focal stations.
  • Direct digital-to-digital copying of a disc with “on-the-fly,” or on the hard disk.
  • Can simultaneously write different copies on all parallel CD-R.
  • Can simultaneously control multiple CD autoloader (robots).
  • Expandable with to up to 8 Drives
  • Can perform the following functions:

Copy CD-ROM CD Image File

Copy CD Image File to CD Recorder (supports CD image files that were created on a CD pre-mastering application)

Can process output of for example based Easy CD ™ or other ASPI CD pre-mastering application to multiple

CD-R drives

– Batch Copy Mode

– Customise CD/DVDs

  • Rare need of service
  • This bundle comes complete including the current PowerPro III Thermal Printer.
  • Professional Audio Duplication.
  • 2 CD/DVD/BD -Combo burners (SATA, CD-R/DVD-R 16x/40x and DL)
  • Verification through a “low level compare” of the master and CDCopy to check if the copy is correct
  • Sophisticated Audio Resynchronization reading mode for high reliability when copying a digital audio CD
    (CD-DA / COMPACT DISC) in professional applications.
  • “On-the-fly” to correct the Error sectors.
  • Intuitive and user friendly interface for beginners and experts (Windows or Linux)

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PC mit Windows XP / Vista / 7 Betriebssystem / alternativ LINUX


mind. 1 GB RAM


1 schnelle Festplatte (mind 7600 U/min)Netzwerk-Multiuser System: mehrere schnelle Winchesterplatten