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Primera Disc Publisher 4101

Primera Disc Publisher 4101

about the Primera Disc Publisher 4101 :

Bravo 4100-Series are easily the fastest desktop disc printers, dvd duplicators, and publishers in the world today. At just six (6) seconds to print each disc with 100% coverage in near-perfect quality, you’ll be stunned at how fast your jobs will now get completed.

In fact, Bravo 4100-Series is up to 20 times faster than competitors for similar print quality*, making them the fastest desktop disc printers and publishers in the world.

Disc picking and transport robotics have both been optimized for speed, too. A rock-solid and reliable new belt drive system is utilized to deliver 300% faster robotics than previous models. The belt drive system also gives you smoother and quieter operation.


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Product Description

Separate Ink Cartridges for lower cost-per-disc
Bravo 4100-Series is Primera’s first disc printer to offer separate ink cartridges for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK). This lets you replace only the color(s) that need replenishing; saving you money on every disc you print. This is especially true if you use more of one color on your discs than another.
Professional quality printing

The built-in, high-resolution inkjet printing is powered by Lexmark®, a world leader in printing technology. With up to 4800 dpi quality, it has the highest printing resolution available from any manufacturer of disc printers and publishers.

Combine this ultra high resolution printing with Primera’s TuffCoat Extreme™ Media CDs and DVDs and you’ll get the most professional looking discs. TuffCoat Extreme™ Media discs are highly water, scratch, and smudge resistant. They also have a gorgeous, high-gloss finish unlike anything you’ve probably ever seen before. Virtually all other brands of inkjet-printable optical media are also supported.

Pick the Bravo thats right for you

With three models available, there’s a Bravo 4100-Series model for almost any disc printing or disc publishing need.

-Bravo 4100 AutoPrinter – 100-disc capacity, print-only version with no drives; perfect for side-by-side use with tower-style disc duplicators
-Bravo 4101 Disc Publisher – 100-disc capacity with one recording drive
-Bravo 4102 Disc Publisher – 100-disc capacity with two recording drives

Additional information

für Windows Systeme

Intel Celeron® Prozessor oder besser,≥ 2 GB RAM,≥ 10 GB freier Festplattenspeicher,1 USB 2.0 Anschluss oder alternativ PCI-Anschluss für USB 2.0 Adapterkarte (Combo-Karten werden nicht empfohlen),Benutzerkonto mit lokalen Administratorrechten

für MAC Systeme

1 GHz PowerPC oder Intel Prozessor oder besser mit mindst.Mac OS X v10.5, 1 GB RAM,1 USB 2.0 Anschluss,≥ 10 GB freier Festplattenspeicher



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