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Primera Disc Publisher Xi2

Primera Disc Publisher Xi2

about the Disc Publisher PRO Xi2-Serie:

The Disc Publisher PRO Xi – Series is the evolution of the Disc Publisher PRO , the world’s bestselling duplication system with two internal drives and a production capacity of 100 discs per job.

Through the further development of technology and design the models in our product range are not only more efficient and faster, but more reliable than their predecessors. The Xi – Series is the ideal solution for the automated production of blown and printed optical media in professional quality.

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Product Description

Three DP Pro Xi models , each with a capacity of 100 discs to choose from:

  • DP Pro Xi AutoPrinter – Print Only Version without burning drive ; ideal for use with existing Duplicators without Print Capability
  • DP Pro Xi Disc Publisher – with an integrated burning drive .
  • DP Pro Xi2 Disc Publisher – with two built- recordable drives for even faster production processes.


The fully automated CD / DVD / BD burning robot is easy to use . After 5-10 minutes, you can already start the first production orders with this unit after installation. Whether from a master , an image file or drag and drop it with the usual file explorer . With the bundled layout and printing software to create professional layouts that are then integrated into the production order. Of course you can also use your previously used layout program and import the graphics or the CD / DVD / BDs printed from existing graphics programs.


The focus of the new Disc Publisher Pro Xi – Series was the significant increase in the throughput volume . Therefore, at the beginning of the development phase, all the components of disc publishers such as Tested robotics, gripping mechanism and software in terms of their efficiency and productivity and reviewed in detail on potential improvements.

The most important change was in robotics, especially in the process of media transport, consummated.

The previously used for the operation of the gripper arm drive spindle was replaced by a precision belt drive with processor stepping motor. Belt drives increase the throughput rate – in this case, the Xi series by over 300%.

Precise new gripper

Transport errors or the simultaneous gripping of two discs lead to unwanted production stops and can even damage the internal drives. AccuDisc ™, the gripping technology Primera, prevents this error and supply is through a combination of patented mechanics and innovative software world leader in the industry.

The speed of the seventh-generation AccuDisc has also increased by 200%.


  • Professional print image
  • Integrated 4800 dpi inkjet printer
  • PT-Burn Netsoftware
  • Exclusive AccuDisc Technology
  • Quick and easy media access
  • Various media formats through adapters
  • Simple operation and installation
  • 300 disc capacity for Primera Disc Publisher Pro Xi
  • Windows und MAC OS kompatible

Additional information

für Windows Systeme

Intel Celeron® Prozessor oder besser,≥ 2 GB RAM,≥ 10 GB freier Festplattenspeicher,1 USB 2.0 Anschluss oder alternativ PCI-Anschluss für USB 2.0 Adapterkarte (Combo-Karten werden nicht empfohlen),Benutzerkonto mit lokalen Administratorrechten

für MAC Systeme

1 GHz PowerPC oder Intel Prozessor oder besser mit mindst.Mac OS X v10.5, 1 GB RAM,1 USB 2.0 Anschluss,≥ 10 GB freier Festplattenspeicher