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Pronto CD / DVD Copier

Pronto CD / DVD Copier

about Pronto CD/DVD copiers

Our Pronto CD/DVD copying robot for easy creation of 1:1 copies automatically copies up to 100 copies at a time. With the function “verify” you are able to check the CDs so that it ejects faulty CDs immediately. The device works completely independently and does not need to be connected to a PC. For a hard-disk device it is also possible to store various masters on the hard disk.

Product Description

Pronto CD / DVD Copier

The Pronto CD / DVD copier is a standalone device, with an autoloading mechanism and a capacity of up to 100 CDs / DVDs. It is optionally equipped with a CD or DVD drive.


  • Standalone, no PC is required
  • with an auto-loading mechanism
  • Capacity of up to 100 CDs / DVDs
  • Optionally equipped with CD or DVD drive
  • LCD display
  • Advanced features:
    • Copy
    • Copy and compare
    • Simulate
    • Simulate and copy
    • Download (only with HDD module)
    • Compare
    • Quick delete
    • Verify
    • Edit
    • Multiple Master disks (only with HDD module)

Additional information

Bitte beachten

Kein PC erforderlich.
Gerät arbeitet komplett Standalone


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