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SpeedStar 1 cellophaner

SpeedStar 1 cellophaner

About the Speedstar 1 cellophaner

Save time and money with the cellophaner of the Speedstar series. The manual cellophane wrapping machine Speedstar 1 is the cheapest entry-level machine for professional cellophaning, which has to be operated manually. In contrast to the semi-automatic Speedstar Pro, the individual seams must be closed manually..

Watch the video and judge for yourself after a short training period , an employee creates with the Speed Star 1 light up to 300 packages per hour.

Product Description

Favorable investment and service costs

Compare the prices of the Speedstar cellophaner with other solutions in the market and you will notice the huge difference in cost . In addition, you must not use pre-cut films at the Speed Star appliances but can pack directly from the industrially produced polypropylenes roles. Thus the cellophane wrapped per medium costs only a fraction .

This will save you at any Packaged Product . You can count on film costs about 1 cent per package.

Flexible format setting

All Speedstar 1 models can process all packages up to a film width of 215 mm! It takes only 2-3 minutes to take a different role and you can the other format to be processed. Must be adjusted on the device mechanically nothing .

If you handle many different formats you can order to take the role reversal also a cutting unit optional , and the film is cut to the desired width.

We will gladly send you on request a sample of the packaging . contact

Fast and precise

With practice provides your users with ease 300 pcs per hour. The film laminating simply goes out of hand and can be done easily by unskilled workers.