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USB Shark 11

USB Shark 11

via the Shark USB Copystation

Create copies of your USB sticks quickly and easily with ADR Shark USB Stick Copystation. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, copying data is now as easy as using a paper copier.

The Shark USB Copystation for easy copying of up to 11 sticks.

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Product Description


Thanks to the integrated counter you don’t have to count the USB sticks but have an overview of your latest copy project. The writing throughput is 33 MB per second.


With the appropriate adapters, the ADR Shark USB Copystation can also be used to duplicate all common memory cards or external hard drives without any problems.


  • Standalone. No PC required
  • 1 master – 7 slave ports
  • Up to 33MB/sec copy speed
  • Quick test function to compare copies
  • Fast format function for fast working
  • Capacity function, Detect wrong / faulty memory
  • quality check
  • Support future features via the firmware update
  • Shows actual writing speed
  • Synchronous and asynchronous copying, verification and deletion
  • Multilingual display

special features:

  • user management with password protection
  • Counter to record the throughput of a project
  • High quality black aluminium housing
  • Fast Keys = 4 extra buttons for most common operations
  • Self-test at startup
  • Read out USB info = Check which USB sticks you are using
  • USB prescan: Checks the USB sticks for reading errors
  • Extra strong overheating protection

Throughput per hour:

Target Number 3 7 11 15
 USB size: 512MB* 420 980 1540 2100
 USB size: 1 GB* 210 490 770 1050
 USB size: 2 GB* 105 245 385 525
 USB size: 4 GB* 51 119 187 255