Ripping tool for ADR robots

As an add-on for the Droppix XE burning software, there is also a new ripping tool to automatically read CD / DVD / Blu-Ray discs and store the contents on the hard drive as required.
You can insert the scanned media in the form of the existing file structure or as an image file on your hard disk. You can also determine yourself whether the files are to be stored in individual subfolders and how the automated name assignment is to be carried out.
By optimizing the robotic control, you achieve optimum performance and save valuable working time.
The ADR Ripping Tools work with the patented ADR robots which are known worldwide for their performance and reliability.

ADR is the only manufacturer in the world that offers a 5 year parts warranty on the mechanics.

The software sorts out faulty media and creates a reliable reporting.
Our reference customers have already scanned hundreds of thousands of optical media with our ADR robots
You would like to mark the CDs also afterwards ? With our integrated thermal printers you can print media of all different surfaces fully automatically.

In this way you can number the CD/DVDs at the same time, for example. This is particularly interesting in the field of forensics, where, after evaluating the contents relevant to criminal law, you need to know exactly on which data carrier the data in question is located.

The conversion of formats is also possible without problems. For a customer a complete solution was written, which converted audio CDs to MP3 format. The corresponding MP3 files were automatically saved under the corresponding song title. Via open interfaces the cover was downloaded from internet databases (e.g. Amazon) and stored in the subfolder, so complete music collections could be stored in MP3 archives and all relevant additional information was generated automatically.
You need full access to the drives ? You want to launch programs with autostart directly from the robot ? You have special needs for your rip robot ? We create your individual solution for automated reading of CD, DVD and Blu-Ray discs.

If you have your own software developers, we can provide you with the complete command set for controlling the ADR robots. Depending on the project volume we also provide test devices and development environments as required.

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