RMA numbers

  • All customer returns to ADR AG because of repair, advanced replacement, exchange and return of a test device, will be processed by the following method using an RMA ( Return Merchandise Authorization ) number.
  • Request the RMA numbers online, by filling out the form completely and send it to us. ADR AG will inform you via email with their RMA number.
  • A RMA number loses its validity one month after the award and may no longer be used for returns. Please apply RMA numbers for only those devices that are to be immediately returned.
    For all RMA submissions please attach a copy of the invoice.
  • If it in the RMA submission about a repair, an advance replacement or an exchange, so please enclosed a meaningful error description.
  • The submission must be complete, which means, including manual, diskettes, power supply and cables should be in the original packaging.
  • Important: Please note the notified RMA number clearly and completely on the outside of the delivery. It will only be accepted which is marked with a valid RMA number.

Advice for customers from non-EG countries

The customs documents for returns because of repair and exchange services must include a statement that this is not about  goods supply or export of goods, but a transit of goods . This advice is absolutely necessary to avoid import duties . Consignments that were declared wrong by the sender, will be sent back from ADR AG unopened.




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