Software for our systems

The PC-based CD/DVD copying robots can be operated with various standard software packages.
Since we see ourselves as a manufacturer of copying robots, we have disclosed our control to many manufacturers of CD/DVD copying software, so that there are always new developments of software for our copiers. We currently recommend the Padus software (special robotics version) for the single user, which is already partly included in the purchase price of our systems. Furthermore, we also offer individual complete solutions by arrangement.

ADR DROPPIX XE (robotics version)

The latest software development for our ADR CD/DVD copying robots. Improved feature thanks to new software Droppix Recorder XE, Publisher version is specially designed for the optimized use with fully automatic ADR CD/DVD Publishers. Due to improved algorithms the speed could be improved noticeably. This software is guaranteed to meet all your needs when it comes to designing, duplicating and printing identical or individual CDs, DVDs and even Blu-Ray discs. (Depending on hardware).

The following features are included in the standard software:

  • Asynchronous burning and printing for fast throughput
  • Printer Support
  • Multilingual
  • job wizard
  • Integrated Label Designer
  • Modular design
  • Extended file support (f.e. lab , jpg, tiff, prn, pdf)

Optional Feature:

  • XML toolkit
  • Hotfolder function
  • Network support
  • Scheduler with backup function
  • Read-in and rip function
  • Pure verification

PADUS (robotics version) Single station

Padus as a pure single user software with which at present a job, CD burn and/or
print the label, can be started. You can perform the following functions with Padus Single User Software:

  • copy from CD/DVD to CD/DVD and print a label
  • create an image from CD/DVD and store it on the PC hard disk.
  • Get an image from the hard disk, burn the CD/DVD and print the label.
  • Burning CD-RW/DVD-RW
  • Print label only
  • Creating an image within the CD/DVD robotics program PADUS

PADUS (network software for ADR copying robots) Multi-user

With the Padus network software different jobs can be started by an unlimited number of clients. This software is installed at the clients (users). Padus network software allows the users to send their images to a server which starts the Padus network service (PNS). The PNS will burn the images (and print the labels) in the order the jobs were started. The jobs can also be processed by priority or by user class (3 levels: Operator, Superuser, User). The process can be scaled fully automatically.


Create individual data carriers such as CD and DVD with dynamic content and imprint thanks to Open RC.OpenRC (Open Robot Control) is a control software for ADR CD/DVD robot systems developed by X-Net Technologies GmbH. OpenRC supports five different modes (burning, verifying, positioning, printing and reading of CD/DVD media), which can be combined in almost any way.

Examples of possible applications:

  • CD production with individual printing and dynamic data,
  • precise subsequent imprinting in pre-printed media,
  • fast copy series of several hundred media,
  • Pre-pressure of media for a later burning process,
  • Import and further processing of existing media stocks e.g. archiving in predefined databases and formats